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11th January

Flexibility and peace of mind maybe … but, says Ainsley Fraser, read the small print first, not later Unsurprisingly, the nature, variety and diversity of operations in the waste industry is served by an equally wide (and sometimes bewildering) range of options to rent, hire, lease or buy vehicles, plant and equipment to do the…

20th October

 In-house copywriter/journalist wanted  We are an independent publisher, producing one of the biggest and renowned magazines in the skip, waste and recycling  industries. Skip Hire Magazine has been one of the leading publications for over ten years and we are now entering a phase of rapid  growth. To coincide with the expansion of the magazine,…

20th October

Conveyors in the waste industry are a huge part of the infrastructure and are a fundamental part of any MRF. A good, solid and reliable conveyor can assist in the process of converting waste into quality recyclables and alternative fuels. With the huge array of different types of conveyors available for waste businesses, Skip Hire…

Industry Directory

Plastic Expert Ltd

January 22nd, 2016


Plastic Expert is one of the UKs leading plastic recycling companies. We work with skip companies all over the UK to help divert plastic waste from landfill and pay for certain grades of scrap materials, these include:

            • Baled LDPE film (both clean and construction grade)

            • Mixed Rigid Plastic

            • PP sacks

            • uPVC door & window frames

            • Single stream plastics e.g. EPS (Polystyrene, ABS, Polycarbonate)

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Skip Chicks


January 5th, 2016

nHzop_GycH2V9Z_mzv2rt_cDyUS7-7slwkzZYIFaTzU We are always on the lookout for sassy Skip Chicks to feature in our mag and we find that  we often come across them in the most unusual circumstances. This month, we attended the  CIWM Awards and happened to be sat next to Claire from Associated Waste Management.  Without further ado, we suggested she have a go – and she jumped at the chance, well who  wouldn’t? 

 Hello Claire. How old are you?

I’m 29

 And what is your job title? 

I’m an account manager

 And how long have you been working there?

For four years


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Waste Company Profile

Dunmow Waste Management

January 5th, 2016

 NaUZzCsI3C6Yh64eef0i9uX5Df7zq3PB6N1ci_l2qh4s4,1p8TgOy6B9W0zRVg7eEt2XPhABeiG3701MDk_HGOaI4,7PGhOJOOlDgrgryETd_mJmuKkbJr3_qpFBv_nvLoTwo,MO_Ny1buauBtpM9SJG9JHjv4wlvJFIvRrnKKmdneago,CWnpoD8OtGsdLkXZRLtficyRxZhtOEuYI8-Cme of business:

Dunmow Waste Management


Chelmsford, Essex

 Number of employees:



 What is the history of the company? Who set it up, and when?

Dunmow Skip Hire was established in 1987 as a family-owned business. Managed by Steve Malins, it consisted of a single lorry and a handful of skips. In 2004 Sam (Steve’s Son) took over the day to day running of the business, and in 2009 Edward joined the business. Together, Sam and Edward have driven the business to ten times the size in six years. We have evolved into a dynamic waste management…

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