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Picking Up the Litter Lout Bill…

August 19th, 2010

The cost of cleaning up litter from England’s streets was £858million last year, Keep Britain Tidy has recently reported.

The organisation pointed to Government figures to show that councils’ bills for removing rubbish like food wrappers and cigarette butts from April 2008 to March 2009 were 10% up on the previous financial year.

And chief executive Phil Barton blasted the £78million rise – from £780million in 2007-2008 – as “obscene”.

Keep Britain Tidy is launching a campaign with local authorities to urge the public to help keep areas clean by picking up empty drinks cans or crisp packets and putting them in bins.

Mr Barton said:”There seems to be an attitude of ‘It’s only one cigarette end’ or ‘It’s only one burger wrapper’.

“But those individual items mount up to an estimated two million pieces of litter a day dropped in England.

“It’s obscene – everyone should clean up their act.”

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