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Recycling Madness

September 15th, 2010

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Joan Potham is a woman not to be messed with. Joan was so infuriated by Torquay Council’s new recycling system that she taped her recycling bins to the railings of her town hall, and vows “I’d do it again.”.

The complicated scheme resulted in Joan receiving several bins with complicated instructions as to what can and cannot go in the containers. The containers supplied by Torquay council and their waste management company Tor2 are part of a new, albeit confusing, recycling programme recently launched.

With new rules regarding the disposal of food waste, Potham said, “”I have had a waste disposal unit in my sink since 1975,” she said.  “I was told by Tor2 ‘We don’t want you to use that, we want you to use the bins’.

“I told them all my food waste goes down the sink but they said I have got to have the bins.

“I said ‘I have not got to have anything’.”

She said the delivery men refused to take the bins away and she did not want to store them in her garage.

“So I took them to the town hall on Sunday night and taped them to the railings with a covering letter.”

The letter explained why she had returned the bins.

Mrs Potham added: “Who do Tor2 think they are telling me what I can and can’t do and refusing to take the bins away?

“I am still refusing to take them as I have the waste disposal unit. I pay my sewage charge to South West Water, not Torbay Council.

“I will not be told by Tor2 and Torbay Council what I can or cannot use in my own home.

“If they return these bins, I will return them again because I do not want them.

“They say I can store them in my garage but why should I use my space for something I do not want and am not going to use?”

She said she was keeping the other recycling boxes and had no objection to using them.

A Torbay Council spokesman said: “Following last Sunday night’s incident, when some new recycling containers were left outside the town hall with a letter, we have been in contact with the resident who left them there to discuss the issues she raised.

“We will be pleased to talk to her again if she wishes about any further issues she may have relating to the new service coming into operation from September 6.

“No containers that have been delivered to properties are being taken away. Residents are being encouraged to try using the containers as advised.

“The new containers will enable residents to recycle more items, thereby increasing recycling rates and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.”

However Alice Watson, of Redcliffe Road, St Marychurch, claimed Tor2 had agreed to remove her bins as she already recycled or composted all her waste.

Mrs Watson said: “I think this whole idea is a bad one. It must be costing a lot of money when they are taking away two bins and replacing them with five others.

“That is ridiculous and people do not have places to store them.”

Source: Herald Express.